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07-03-2012, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
Despite the fact that Stalberg has quite literally done nothing but improve as a player since coming to Chicago, you don't "see much reason to believe he'll develop further."
Actually, you used the word "it" instead of "he'll" but hey.

Blech, should take my own advice and stop wasting my time. Arguments are impossible to win on HF, the land where nobody admits they're ever wrong.
Opinions are only wrong if the facts behind them are. I base my opinion on the facts that Stalberg has not produced during periods he was needed to and has a disproportionate amount of his production against very weak opposition (not going into his poor defensive play, just production). You can explain these facts away, but you cannot deny their existence and I am not required to simply accept your excuses.

You would do well to remember this the next time you want to claim someone is wrong. Opinions are not facts.

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