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Originally Posted by NY Lito View Post
Troll logic?

Sorry if I don't root for players not playing for my team. Do I wish bad things for Prust? No. Do I have any ****s to give about how he does there? Answer's still no.

I'm not the guy who says he'd root for another player to beat up one of our guys in a game.
Well, see, there's the difference. I care. Prust did a damn good job, an endeared himself to me with his play.

Additionally, I couldn't care less about contracts. As it stands to me, Prust will always be more of a Ranger than Asham.

Some of us root for players not simply because we want to see a Rangers sweater win. Personally, I want to see certain players win. The ones who work hard, play the game right, deserve it. It's why I was so thrilled to see a Rangers team with the right mentality, a team I wanted to see win for the names on the back as much as the names on the front. We booted Avery, Wolski, Rozi, EC, all the players who didn't fit our idea of a hockey team.

I think we took a step backwards.

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