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Originally Posted by endy View Post
the proof is in the pudding and this was the 6th worst sharks team in our history, coming off a year where we made the final four. and it's not like we got offed by the cup champs (something van can say), we got offed by a team that got destroyed by said cup champs. - I'm pretty sure the Sharks would have offed the stanley cup champs. Without a doubt they would have fared far better and would have given the kings a far bigger challenge then any team they faced.

burns trade by itself wasn't that great, we gave up a lot for a 1 year contract. the signing was a separate line item and that was great. - Sometimes a GM has to gamble. Why are you getting on cautious Wilson's case for gambling

i disagree havlat trade was a dump. instead of 3x7.5 we have 4x5, and it's not like we are a cap team anymore (we weren't last season). havlat was injured half the season and our record shows it. and no one can say 'oh wow who could have predicted havlat would get hurt??" cuz everyone knew he was a walking injury risk. all in all a "meh" trade as in not bad not good, just was. Saving 2.5 million for 3 years is a fantastic dump when dealing with an albatross like Heatley. Havlat is a very valuable and moveable asset

white had a bad season with us. at the time i thought it was a good signing but he never fit in with us. - So given the cap space I don't see what Wilson lost. White actually wasn't that bad in playoffs

vandy was a meh, not good not bad. not gonna give a ton of credit for a 7th/8th dman signing.

mcginn trade was bad. we gave up prospects too (sarbossa, conolly). all for a disapointing tj and a 7th. i suppose the verdict is still out but the results after the past season weren't good. - Connolly probably is a career AHLer, who knows with sarabossa. Its not like the Sharks traded Hamilton

stuart and burrish who knows, that's why i put meh, i think we overpaid on both but whatever, they are better than nothing and nothing is what we have so far sides from those 2. - Burrish has less of a cap hit than Taco Torrey. The Sharks needed to sign someone, would you have rather seen the sharks pen in what Mitchell got? Also from what i heard the Wings offered Stuart a little more to stay.

a lot of fans on this site love DW and think he can do no wrong, but the fact is he has not led our team to a finals appearance and this past season was a disaster, and a lot of that was due to his personal decisions. - I can give you multiple examples of where Wilson made a mistake
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