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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Is it the first time you are getting inked by her?

We both got inked there, but by Patrick Morency.

As for Adrenaline, my wife recalled a story to me. She once chatted with a girl who had just finished a tattoo at Adrenaline and was more than happy to show it off. Although she could have, my wife didn't say anything at the time. However she noticed right away that the lines were completely crooked and the attention to detail was very bad as well. If a shop is going to hire a tattooist who does a job like that, it speaks volumes of the shop itself. I refuse to go there based on what I have seen myself. For the most part, very generic work that has never impressed me. Just an opinion though.
It's my first time getting ink'd, period ! I saw her portfolio online and it looked pretty sick. Any tips ?

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