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07-03-2012, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Wisent42 View Post
With the addition of Pardy, there seems to be quite a jam at D. As of now, there's Myers, Ehrhoff, Regehr, Sekera, Leopold, Weber, Sulzer and Pardy. Add McNabb and Brennan knocking on the door to the big club. Did I forget anyone?
I suppose they could move a defense man at this point, and as for right now, I think they gotta look at their defense EX-ACT-LY like this:


I think they need to press for these two guys to be the teams top pairing. To be played during the most critical moments, to receive the most EST, and a high amount of special teams time. Myers should be on the #1 PP and Sekera should be on the #1 PK and some #2 PP time. They are out there to shut down and score. Or simply dominate if at all possible.


Until proven otherwise, Sulzer has proven that he can play top 4 minutes and not only avoid hurting the team, but add a resourceful amount of offensive support. He and Ehrhoff seem to be on the same page and speak the same language, which of course is probably German. You never know though, they could also speak Dutch, and nobody likes the Dutch except for the Dutch. Ehrhoff gets #1 PP work and Sulzer gets #2 PK duties.


From my personal obsevation, Leopold is better defensivly from the left side, and he seems more confident with the puck from the left side. Almost as if he can read the ice quicker and more decissively. Regher is not a top 4 guy, but a tremendous bottom pair guy. Regher #1PK, Leopold #2 PP.

McNabb is not ready for the NHL, he needs another year of the AHL. Weber needs to earn his spot on the team all over again. Pardy is the 7th defense man. Brennon is not NHL ready.

I think the Sabres have a fair amount of depth, but a lot of very scary questions that need answered.

Can Myers and Sekera BOTH be at their very best as a tandem? I don't know, but I can't think of any good reason why they could not work it out. Part of being a Champion is learning to adapt with your teammates to kind of evolve as a group, setting aside differences and finding a mutually benificial compromise of actions.

Sulzer. History suggests that he's going to be the Achille's heel of the top 4, which means that he wont be playing at a tremendous level all season. He's not a guy that is used to that much icetime, and you have to figure that coaches will disect his game and find weaknesses to exploit. And Regher or Leopold might get bumped back into the top 4 mix.

Is Ruff going to use Myers and Ehrhoff on the top power play all season? The coach royally pissed me off by playing Gragnani over Myers on the power play last year. Will he deny him that icetime with somebody "experimental" this season as well? Those 2 are your power play pointmen. It's the most uncomplicated thing ever, which is why I fear that wont happen very often.

Leopold and Regher might be getting a little long in the tooth. Great guys to have on the team but they are going to be on the DL a bit, but will they be ready for the playoffs...if there are in fact those types of games.

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