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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
One elite player, already about as good at hockey as Kessel, 4 years younger. A star (arguably elite) defenseman. And a decent 32nd overall pick (a measly 2 picks away from being yet another 1st rounder).

Given the situation Boston was in, they probably would have traded Kessel for a 5th overall, straight up. And I mean that. Nevermind a 2nd, 9th, and 32nd. A dramatic overpayment at a level that borders on supernatural.
Buddy, this is all in hindsight. If every GM could make every decision in hindsight, they'd win every trade.

At the time of the Kessel trade it was risky, it was a big splash trade where Burke felt he picked up someone further along the development and would kick start a retool and possibly and us in the playoffs. I don't think anyone expected that pick to be the 2nd overall and for you to sit here and blast him for it is just ridiculous.

The reason I think Burke is doing a good job is because at the time of almost all of his signings/trades I think they're good moves. In hindsight Komisarek wasn't such a great pick up but we needed to get tougher on the blueline and that's exactly what Komisarek was. In hindsight the Connolly signing wasn't great, but we needed a center because going into the season with Bozak as #1 again was not a sexy option. Brad Richards was locked up by New York, Tim Connolly was the next best option and it was a short term deal - a stop gap.

All of that to say you're sitting here ripping apart everything Burke has done but you've got the major benefit of seeing everything in hindsight. There's not a single other GM out there who's available who could have done a better job than Burke, so let's just give the guy a break, admit he's made some mistakes, but admit he's also learnt from the mistakes he's made and he's taking things in the right direction.

One reason I really respect Burke is that I thought he would try to get the lowest price possible for Luongo but one way or another, he was coming here. Didn't matter, Burke would offer up the moon in the end if he had to. Why? Because if the Leafs don't make the playoffs next year, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion he'll be gone. However Burke has said that he won't give up young assets for Luongo just to get the Leafs into the playoffs knowing if he doesn't it will cost him his job. Every single move Burke has made for this team has been for the present AND for the future.

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