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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Here's my take:

Right now, as of this moment, its between the Kings and the money. Plain and simple. I really think if he wanted to play for a "contender" and for the money, he would have already chosen Pittsburgh, and he would have done that on Sunday, Monday at the latest.

The fact that he hasn't made a decision yet is because (IMO) he really wants to play for the Kings and with his pal Dustin Brown. I really think Brown sold him on the Kings and he is torn between playing for the SC and in a great room and getting paid and playing elsewhere.

I think he takes a break tomorrow, enjoys the 4th with his family, and gets down to brass tacks on Thursday (or Friday), and makes his decision then.

What I hope he does is contact the Kings, say he really wants to come here, but can they please up their offer?

What I believe he will do is opt for the money, and probably go to Pittsburgh.

JMO, pure speculation. But its borne out by the fact that we really haven't been eliminated from consideration. Yet.
Definitely all possible, I have this bit of confidence that he could still end up here, we keep hearing the same teams; Wild, Pens, Wings, Devils and Flyers as the ones on the "list" when no one actually knows the list besides Parise and his representatives, haven't heard anything public on the Kings as to being out of the race, last we heard was they were still in contention and I still believe they are.

Also to your point about Brown selling him on the team, Parise just did an interview and said one of the coolest things was hearing
from a lot of captains from different teams
I'm not trying to get my hopes up but I just have a feeling he's strongly considering them still and maybe it's better there's not much public attention on LA regarding Parise, could be a surprise actually, but we'll find out in a few days most likely.

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