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07-03-2012, 10:32 PM
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Burke is the best thing we can get right now. He has made this team far better IMO. Have you morons screaming for Burke's head seen the team and farm that he was left with? It was absolutely laughable. JFJ screwed the leafs for a good 5 years. Burke is a good GM, he isn't perfect, he doesn't have a crystal ball, but he is good. No need to fire him.

I'd like to talk about this Kessel trade that everyone rips on. IMO the only real thing people seem to complain about. Without Kessel, the leafs would have a pretty good prospect in Doug Hamilton, yeah. They would have Tyler Seguin a guy who gets around 50 points, and is okay defensively. So he would be a 2C on the leafs developing into a 1C IMO. Just because of their difference in system and commitment to defense, and the fact that Seguin wouldn't have ANY WINGERS TO PLAY WITH. If we don't have Kessel, Lupul isn't a top line player.

If we have Seguin we have 1/3 of a first line. If we have Kessel we have 2/3.

If we never traded for Kessel, people would whine about how we didnt give up two pretty good prospects for a superstar. Please, just stop whining about the Kessel trade...

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