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07-03-2012, 11:09 PM
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Which puck heads are better for new players? They told me yesterday but I forgot.

I had a great time, got a couple of passes, blocked a shot, and took a slapper right in the cage. It was about one inch from bouncing into the goal, I would have liked that! They were very nice, I was obviously a really new player and the only female playing yesterday. A couple of times I got the puck and the other team let me take it in for a shot. I know they were being nice, and since there isn't a score kept or anything...why not? One of the other teams players even gave me a quick lesson on getting a stronger shot.

I've got to say that for as mich of a "violent" reputation as hockey players have, they are a very friendly bunch. I've never felt unwelcome as a beginner, and I've met so many nice people in the few months that I've been playing.

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