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07-04-2012, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by topched View Post
Teams aren't stupid, he's coming off his worst offensive season since the lockout and did absolutely nothing to discourage the notion that he's a walking infirmary.

We'll be lucky to unload him without taking salary back.
There are teams out there who seem to be in need of a #2 center that I think one will take the chance. In regards to having to take salary back, I'm not sure on that but it is probably true, I just don't feel like going through trying to actually make a trade, more just spitballing those ideas out. The cap as it stands at 70m makes it seems like few teams will actually be at the cap due to not many good free agents. As it currently is, I would guess many teams that are normally right up against the cap will have 5m+ cap space, enough room to take Connolly (with 1 year left on his contract so not a big risk) without sending salary the other way, but yes I think they would like to send some our way, just whether it happens or not is yet to be determined, if Connolly is even traded that is.

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