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07-04-2012, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by CTU2fan View Post
Not a fan of the cap. If a particular market can't compete then maybe it shouldn't be an NHL market...that's how my team ended up in Carolina and nobody lost any sleep over it except us Whalers fans. Lose the cap, lose a half-dozen fringe markets with lousy buildings, cheap owners, and fanbases that just aren't large enough to support an NHL team. Lose 120 of the league's worst players, then you've got a better product, in more hockey-minded cities.

It's funny how all these billionaire owners got rich in a capitalist economic system, then the minute they buy a sports team they become far-left socialists who want to share everything.

Or, alternately, couple the salary cap with a ticket price/concessions/parking price cap. Yea, I'm sure that would ever happen.
People in parts of Canada and Middle America want things talierd to them. If many of these cities lost their team, they would lose relevance to pop culture. In some cases the NHL comes some cities from being Louisville or Dayton Ohio.

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