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07-03-2012, 11:24 PM
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Originally Posted by habsrule4eva3089 View Post
If Marty is our best option it speaks volumes of how dedicated and how able he is to perform at the highest of levels even when his age is considered ''old''. He has performed at a superior level then the other goaltenders we always discuss even with his so called ''old age''. It's a 2 week tournament in which age plays no part like it would during an NHL season. With his ability to read plays, have a hybrid style of goaltending where he's not always performing the butterly and especially his ability to play the puck, he brings a collective set of skills no other goaltender can bring. At the end of the 2012 season Marty is the best option, but like I said there's 17 months or so left and if he's still the best option when the team is announced no one should think the thoughts you've just mentioned, it would be a epic farewell for him and for us to witness the greatest goaltender we'll ever see end his international career battling for Gold in this 5th Olympic Games.
that would be patrick roy.

therealdeal is correct, if brodeur is our best option then we should have fun watching the prelim rounds b/c we won't be spending time watching the medal rounds...that's for damn sure. all i can say is price better be ready. after him? i'd take luongo before i took fleury.

in any event...i'll say what i've said before...we better hope our "dream team" of forwards manages to score, like, a gagillion goals a game...because otherwise it's going to be -->

i've made the decision to be positive...but i've had a vision - and that vision is 2014 team canada GDTs where is used frequently.

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