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07-03-2012, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by jboknows View Post
I think a lot of people on here will be surprised with tim connoly this year... he has the talent to be the #1 centre, it just didn't come together last year.
That's what many people in Buffalo were saying for many years before he signed with us.

He's shown glimpses of being awesome. Seriously. He can dangle, he can almost dangle in Gaborik territory. But he's slower than Bozak, and has the endurance of my socks.

I don't agree with the article's slander on Connolly's contract. He was only signed for 2 years as a trial. And the term he was signed for was not outrageous. His history warranted it. He was making $4.5mil before he signed here.

Stupid journalism at its worst. Only things he could possibly rant about were Armstrong and Komi. Trading Beauchemin (who basically sucked for us) yielded two gems, and Connolly's out after this season, or back for a significant pay cut.

I honestly wonder why journalists even get paid these days. They don't even make any sense anymore.

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