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07-03-2012, 11:36 PM
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Okay, so to proove that he hasn't lost anything, Laraque is going to assault every guy in front of him and beat the **** out of them. 'Cause that way he'll have instigators penalties and we don't care about them 'cause it's the preseason....But what happens when it's regular season? Is he going to pound everybody when not that long ago he said he didn't want to penalize his team with instigating penalties? And we do know that regular seasons DOES mean something right?

It makes NO sense. Yet again, if Brian McGrattan still ended up signing with a team....wouldn't be surprise to see BGL be invited in one. I guess by a team who wants to send some messages during preseason...but then will let go BGL for his "great" services....

Seems to me that is just the same type of purpose as Buffalo's acquisition of John Scott which to me only serve the purpose to beat the crap out of Milan Lucic for his Ryan Miller's assault and if Chara needs to come to Lucic's defense, well Scott is about the only guy that "could" potentially face him. Somehow, I expect Buffalo to buy out Scott immediately after Buffalo and Boston faced each other....

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