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07-04-2012, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Gonna play devil's advocate here and ask what else is Gillis going to say? That nobody is interested?

Gillis doesn't have any leverage. Once that news leaked that Luongo requested a trade his value plummeted, regardless of the denials from Gillis. No one will say, "Oh, Gillis just denied the rumors. Damn! There goes my leverage." It's out there, and once its out there you can't cover it back up.

Luongo has a NTC/NMC, does he not? If he gets the final say, the only teams in the mix are the same ones all along - Toronto, Florida.

The only thing holding this trade up is Gillis' refusal to accept the situation and take what he can get. To me his pride and self-envisioned reputation about being a savvy GM is stopping it from happening. I'm sure he envisions himself walking away from this laughing. But the longer he waits and makes unreasonable demands, the more the other teams are just gonna say screw dealing with this guy.

I highly doubt one of Florida or Toronto gives in first and this whole trade is becoming incredibly stale and will eventually be damaging to Vancouver as a team both internally and league wide reputation (As if it isn't low enough already).
What a bunch of nonsense.

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