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07-04-2012, 12:47 AM
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I disagree with you Craig about gillis having leverage if luongo has asked for a trade.

Soccer is a great example of this type of scenario. Soccer players frequently request trades and in their cases, they can refuse a contract from any new team that purchases them (thus essentially giving them an NTC)

Those players still get traded/sold because its more important to get the guy who doesn't want to be there out of town than it is to keep someone like that festering in the locker room
The canucks are contenders and go into each season as favourites for the cup. Sometimes addition by subtraction is the best option rather than possibly having a cancer in the room at such a delicate time in the teams history.

Not saying it'll be straight subtraction, but I think gillis will wait it out until the last possible minute and then take the best offer on the table from whoever because i dont see him keeping both goalies on to start the year.

Just my opinion Obvs

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