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Originally Posted by Rinzler View Post
I have no doubt that Vancouver should get this kind of return from Burke, but he just won't have any of it.

I think his recent interviews (especially the one today from the fan590) say all that needs to be said here. Burke will go into camp with Reimer Scrivens and will open with them if he has to. Unless Gillis drastically reduces his price, that's how it's going to stay.

I doubt the story is much different in Florida too. They have capable goaltending already and have their goalies locked up already. There has to be an incentive to make a deal (as in a steal).

Needless to say we're going to run out of Bond movies before Luongo is moved in my honest opinion. This one is going to go on all summer, someone is going to flinch and I know it's not going to be Burke and doubt Tallon has any reason to either.
Burke is the only one with real motive unless the Canucks sign an $8M free agent or make the move to acquire Nash (without involving Luongo).

The Canucks can go into next season with a Jennings Winning combination and $3-4M of cap space.

The Panthers have a goaltending situation they are comfortable with.

The Leafs have a goaltending situation they blame for collapsing and costing them a playoff birth last year. If the Leafs goaltending struggles again, knowing that Burke had the opportunity to get Luongo, Burke will be fired.

The Leafs are the ones with the worst downside.

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