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07-04-2012, 02:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
Will people stop posting crap from some "hockey insider" or claiming a "source" when it's some loser in his parents basement who knows less about hockey then my little sister. Until I hear it from someone like Drager, McKenzie, LeBrun or people of that ilk or the teams themselves it just nonsense and should be avoided like the plague.

I think Drager sits in the basement and makes **** he has a job on TSN and NHL Network is beyond me.

The guy never has inside info, just general **** that we already know...

You watch the table at the trade deadline or free agency shows, and Lebrun and Mac are always making the announcements and are always talking to then look at Drager on the dude just stares at his phone, no freaken joke... I purposely watched him and he seriously never breaks any news...

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