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Originally Posted by *Injektilo View Post
Team A and Team B operate in the same league, and Team A has 10 times more fans than Team B. As a result, Team A's fans are willing to shell out a lot more money to support their team.

Why should the fans of Team A subsidize Team B's operations? What arguments would you present to them to agree to do such a thing?
First off would Team A's fans really be dolling out more in revenues per capita? Seems unlikely.

To the general point, though, Team A should be asked to subsidize Team B's operations because without Team B as well as a presumptive Team C, D, E, etc. the league in question will suffer from lack of competition, diminishing the prestige and value gained from winning championships in the long run. By refusing to assist other franchises to equalize the competitive structure through wealth distributions, franchises ultimately harm themselves in the long run by marginalizing the value of winning.

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