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07-04-2012, 03:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Soupsta View Post
You may be one of the stupidest individuals to ever contribute to a Leafs discussion, cup67.

You apparently can see into the future since you know the exact terms (which you continue to state as 75 mil over 10 years) Kessel will want in 2014.

Your reasoning for why Phaneuf won't resign is because "he can go f himself" and because "he'll want to keep the hair he has left." AND your reasoning for why both Kessel and Lupul might not resign is because they want to go back to the USA, Lupul you seem to know he'll specifically want to go back to California (because they treated him so well as a Duck).

And again you tell us the future when you say that Kessel won't mesh in a Carlyle system (Carlyle has said before he's extremely impressed with Kessel and allows him to play a speedy game), and that Lupul won't see eye-to-eye with Carlyle (even though they've reportedly settled their issues).

Will Kadri play on Leafs in 2012, and if he doesn't work his way up by then, we should release him right? Because clearly even though he's going slower than expectations but still building his talent well, he's useless and should go.

ALSO, I enjoy how you said in the first post that Burke is no good at making trades. This one made me laugh the most. I don't think Burke has lost a trade since coming in. Nashville no longer has Slater or Lebda, so we basically got Lombo and Franson for free (especially because those players are completely useless). Calgary still struggling with the players that remain from the Phaneuf deal, which we clearly one. The only one you can possibly argue is the Kessel one, and the only reason we don't look like geniuses for that one is because Burke couldn't tell the future that Leafs would be 2nd overall pick AND because there is still no center to feed Kessel the puck. Burke is a great trader, possibly one of the best in the NHL at it. Check your facts.

BUT MY FAVORITE PART of this ridiculous thread post is when you said all of Burke's picks are hit and miss. Since he came into the organization in November 2008, Burke has made 29 draft picks. One has played in the NHL (Kadri), and the highest pick he has gotten was the 2012 5th overall pick, which he recently used on Morgan Rielly. There are 3 players from 2009 who remain in organization playing well (Kadri, Ryan, Blacker), 4 players from 2010 who have impressed in their Jr. leagues since being picked by Burke (McKegg, Carrick, Granberg, Ross) From the 2011 draft, players like Biggs, Percy, Broll, Sparks, and others have done well in Junior leagues and at training/prospect camps. Burke in 2012 continued to build on our defensive prospect depth with additions like Rielly, Finn, and Loov (who in prospect camp has already looked better than 7th rounder, too early to tell though). To say any players who are at max 21-22 years old are "hit and miss" when they are nowhere near finished developing is absolutely moronic and I think we should proclaim you Troll of Trolls just for that comical statement.

So, Leafs Nostra-****ing-damus, with your wonderful futuristic guessing that is none more believable than a typical Eklund rumor, explain to me why Burke SHOULDN'T get an extension. Next time you make a thread dissing the teams general manager, get your facts straight first.
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