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07-04-2012, 05:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Symon Asher View Post
Another failure by Snowang. 4 yrs 16 mill was less than Market rate in my opinion.
The failure by Snow was committed at the trade deadline. He did not plan/act like any rational, realistic person would that Parenteau's non-readiness to resign then was the clearcut statement, that he was going to enter the UFA market.

PAP was arguably the biggest trade deadline trading piece he has had during his tenure with the Isles.

As another poster wrote, if a guy like Gaustad was pulling in a first, and a number of midroad Dmen were raking in 2nds+, there's plenty of reason to think that PAP would have brought a return that was more valuable than his 25 games and the ensuing walkaway.

PAP might have also given them a home team discount.
Never bought this, not for a second. He was looking at the one real big payday of his life. I actually thought he was going to get more. I understand why the Isles weren't ready to offer 4 years. It wouldn't surprise me if they did offer him that 4 million for two years. Maybe I'm wrong.

Now with drafting 7 D this year plus signing 2 more plus adding Pedan and Mayfield Last year,it appears to me that DeHaan and Ness will not be more than 6/7 D men. Another example of Snowang failures
I wouldn't worry about the 7 Dmen this year plus the signings. We still don't know what picking that one position seven times will ultimately mean. None help right away - at least none should if things are handled properly.

Carkner und Visnovsky admittedly both answer needs for the here and now. I figure Reese will be resigned and then Ness, de Haan and Donovan will battle it out for the 6th spot on the team - which IS the right path to go at this juncture, knowing a guy like Reese can fill in there adequately when there are growing pains. I'm tipping on de Haan becoming a regular this season.

Don't see any of that as a Snowang failure.

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