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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
Knight's shot is already at the upper tier of the NHL; I knew it, I heard it, and for those who want to see it go watch the two bombs he took in game 1 of the Memorial Cup roundrobin- he took a slap shot that the goalie has still not moved on that hit the cross bar, bounced so far out that Shawingan picked up the puck and went down and put the dagger in London (I'll find the link); and a few minutes later let go an unscreened wrister from about 20 feet out you can see the goalie moving after it rung the post half way up and was already coming back towards Knight.

and the lack of goals on London? Dale Hunter had him play the Bergeron shut down role often with the Ruppert twins. There was no Nazem Kadri at center getting him the puck and Knight with the two Rupperts was the leader in forwards in +/- the OHL for most of the year. I heard Bergeron if he wanted could flirt or score 30 every year if he was just a bit more selfish but we all know that's not how Patrice runs- same personality for Knight. I know high school hockey players who have bigger egos than JK and I'm not kidding.

Knight has enough power in his skating stride to get plenty of jump, and he has been focusing on stickhandling skills that will buy him more time down low. He took off his skates after the Memorial Cup final game and never put them back on till he took the ice in Wilmington. His ankle apparently survived the power skating and the 5 days and he should be at or close to 100% with another 2 months off it.

I think his floor is probably 3rd liner his ceiling is 30+ goals on the top six forwards.

He will lay out cleanly his opponents and is not looking to blow people up for the sake of highlights, but will unload on them in the the context of the play. My bud who occasionally posts here told me hit Yakupov at center ice one time with a clean hit and Nail was spinning around like a top for 3 seconds.

He has health he has a heck of a career- starting mid September.
Love what I am hearing about this kid. Next to Hamilton, I am the most stoked to see what Knight brings to the table. Just imagine, 30 goals from Knight, 100 points from Seguin and 50+ points for Hamilton in their prime. In one swoop, Chia solidified the core of the Boston Bruins. Unreal! I guess I'll keep reminding myself of this when I get depressed about Chia not overspending on UFA's.

Any idea what his current height / weight is?

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