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07-04-2012, 08:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Foxlockbox View Post
Fringe contender at best, if everything wen't better than expected. But not a sure fire playoff team, especially when many teams and contenders in west have improved or stayed the same. LAK? Same Cup winning roster. Dallas? Improved. Calgary? Overpaid sickly, but still improvement unless their lack of centers hurt them bad. Sharks? Improved/stayed same. STL? Pretty much the same to my knowledge. Colorado? Questionable improvement. Edmonton? I guess one could say they're improved, but I expect nothing from them. Vancouver actually lost some pieces, and there is a goaltending controversy there, but if they get good trade value for Luongo, improved and they're still contenders.

I'm not putting all those teams ahead of Wild roster without Suter/Parise and leaving some contenders out, but still we'd be very lucky to get into playoffs without the big 2. So lets hope they sign.
I'm saying the Wild played themselves to the top spot in the league after 30 games before being decimated by injuries. I never took that as a fluke, that showed what the team was capable of. The team is better now than they were at that point last year. That's why I'd call them a playoff team right now before any signings. Add TWO elite players, you have a serious contender!

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