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Originally Posted by morningwood View Post
Agreed, but he still deserves mention because I think the coaching staff gained confidence from his play last season so they may have him as a potential starter. I guess we'll see who brings there A game for training camp, there will be a battle for a starting role on D, can't wait!!!!
Having battles for spots is going to be great.

Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
I've a somewhat limited view toward both Kulda & Clitsome, in that my viewings of Kulda are limited to all of his games played for Winnipeg and as well those with St. Johns that were available online during the AHL playoffs, and my viewings of Clitsome are limited to 20 or so Blue Jackets games and all with Winnipeg. As a Rick Nash fan I tried to catch as many Jackets games as possible in the past.

While Kulda's game isn't exactly aesthetically pretty, I view him as a guy that does what it takes to get things done within the scope of his abilities, and he seems fairly safe with the puck in his own end. Clitsome has better wheels and is more skilled, but he often makes questionable decisions with the puck, and he committed several glaring giveaways in his final few games with Winnipeg last season. He started out well with the Jets but ended poorly, IMO. Clitsome is a guy that couldn't stick with the weakest D in the league at the time he was turfed by Columbus. He looked to be much the same player in his final few games with the Jets. As of now I've far more confidence in Kulda at the moment, and I really hope the Jets give him a fair look this season. He doesn't look like much but gets it done and that is all that matters.
I agree with you Gump. Clitsome looked great when he first played for the Jets, and might have peaked in the Washington game. It will be interesting to see how much of a chance he gets going forward.

I really don't have a huge amount of viewings for Kulda either, I just liked what I saw from him during TC and for the few games he was with the Jets. What I liked from him was that he played simple, but very tough. I might go so far as to say that Kulda could be the type of guy to play with a mean "edge". That's what I hope to get out of him anyway if he sticks with the Jets at some point. A mean SOB on the backend that makes other forwards think twice, and makes them pay in front of the net. A few points from him would just be gravy.

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