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07-04-2012, 09:13 AM
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The great thing about a salary cap is that it, for the most part, gives every team a chance. The last couple of years now in the NHL multiple teams have had their playoff hopes come down to the last period of their season, which keeps all 82 games very important. Look at the last few years of MLB with the one wild card, where there were more meaningless games than not. As an A's fan, why would I go sit out at the Coliseum to watch the Royals come to town? There were games last year where the two teams combined to be more than 30 games out of the playoffs. I dont think the NHL wants to have games like Oakland @ Seattle....where the outcome of the game could literally not matter any less.The closest I can think of that game in the NHL would be something like Columbus @ Edmonton or NYI.

If I was from New York or Toronto and my team was not relevant the last few years, I can see being upset, but they have to remember that it wasnt teams like Phoenix or Florida that made them sign Wade Redden for that amount of money, it was their own stupidity. People who complain about the cap are actually just upset that their moneybags owner/GM doesnt understand how it works, or how to use it.

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