Thread: Prospect Info: Development Camp 2012 July 6th-10th
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07-04-2012, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by KingLB View Post
Interesting that you mention that, wonder if we have any of the old dev camp threads still on the board, be interesting to read. And might help ease some of the overreactions you get after these camps...

Also, do the college players usually attend these camps?? I know they have to pay their own way if they do....same with the Russians, surprised to see Porkins
First I've ever heard of this. What's the story behind that? I know the college guys do because they have to manitain "amatuer" status, but I'm confused on why a Russian would have that same issue...

As far as the Kings go, there haven't been many college guys that attend these. Pretty much only if they are a top pick. I don't think Turnbull ever did, but Roe attended one or two IIRC.

Am I the only one surprised there aren't more invitees in this camp? Heven't there been a bigger number of invites in this camp in the past or am I thinking of the Rookie camp that will start in August?

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