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07-04-2012, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by DefenseMinister View Post
It's pretty impossible for fans to speculate on a player's character or attitude without being around the team on a day to day basis. But the impression I got from Lee is that while he was a "don't rock the boat" type of guy who wasn't going to make a big fuss about not playing, I don't know if he was overly driven and willing to take the next step.

There has to be a reason that multiple coaches on the team didn't deem him worthy of an everyday job. The few times I've seen him interviewed, he didn't appear to be overly personable and despite him being a member of the team for a number of years, I have never heard of him being a part of the social group with any teammates. Again, complete speculation by someone not privy to the dressing room dynamics but he just came off as an awfully vanilla personality who may not have ever felt comfortable fitting into the team dynamic.

While that would not be reason alone to jettison him from the organization, it certainly makes him easier to remove if you're looking to go in another direction.

And as I mentioned in another thread, I don't think Murray has ever really wrapped his head around the fact that Lee never developed into the smooth skating PMD who could generate offense as he was originally advertised. It was admirable that he developed other parts of his defensive game to compensate for this but I don't think Murray and co. were ever really sold on him in any other capacity than as a PMD and if he wasn't going to be that, then he probably wasn't going to be a fit here longterm.
Some parts of this are obviously true but I disagree with some of it.

Brian Lee went from having the body of a 13 yr old boy just a few years ago to being arguably our most physical defenseman this past season. He clearly dedicated himself to his fitness. He appeared to be driven.

He was part of the team. Via twitter there was always chatter about him with Condra, Turris etc. saw him out a bunch of times with the rest of the players. Was part of the support for the Capital City Condors along with Carkner.

I would say there is something to be said for a guy who stuck it out with an organization when there was never full support for him, to change his game, figute out what he needed to do to be an NHL regular. Good example for young prospects.

If he quietly asked to be moved, then good for him to get his wish. I truly believe he was never handled properly by the organization. Despite outplaying multiple guys at times. Contracts and/or "Murrays guys" always got in the way. He was never given the chance to play confident. Id much rather have a homegrown guy on our team than a 1yr FA signing but thats part of the business.

I think Lundin should be a solid player for us and like the signing.

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