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07-04-2012, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by fireball8992 View Post
Melnyk needs to learn to shut his mouth. That was actually pretty classless of him to call Nash out like that. Guys already under a ton of scrutiny in Columbus because of his idiot GM, how do you think he feels to be bashed on by an owner. Probably makes any other free agents Ottawa is pitching two second guess if they truly want to be there now too.
do you really believe that?
what a boatload of nonsense.

you think any 27 or 28 year old UFA is going to take that personally. please.
the number of times people on these boards have implied that now no one will sign with team X because of the treatment of a player, a player traded after signing a deal, or comments by a coach or by management.
if that were the case nobody would be playing anywhere.

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