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Originally Posted by Radon View Post
The first round of the playoffs this year were the most exciting I can think of... and you want to ruin that entertainment... you realize this is supposed to be entertainment right?
A lot of people were complaining about how boring the playoffs were. I wasn't one of those people. I'm right there with you. I think they were some of the most exciting playoff series I've seen, and I've seen a LOT of playoff hockey.

Parity is a good thing unless you happen to support a team that just can't seem to break into the top half. It's no consolation to have a good team if they aren't making the playoffs. I'm sure it's doubly bad when that team is making huge amounts of money, while other teams in the playoffs are receiving revenue sharing dollars.

Still, revenue sharing is good for professional sports leagues. A salary cap is good for professional sports leagues. These things help build a competitive and stable league in which teams and fan bases can grow, rather than the majority of teams being cast aside as nothing more than mere practice teams for the money makers. I know it would be fun for Leafs or Rangers or Boston fans (etc) if their teams were able to achieve dynasty status, especially in the age of the internet when bragging rights are even more precious, but where is the fun for the vast majority of teams' fans when they know every year they don't have a shot against the Goliaths?

Next season absolutely any team can win it all. No one has any idea who is going to break out. Teams that some people think will be terrible could be electrifying. Teams that some people think will be forces to be reckoned with could be miserable. That's what makes watching hockey both frustrating and exciting, and the excitement wouldn't be nearly the same without the possibility, or reality, of frustration.

Summers would be longer and more dull without the cap. Now, we have things to talk about, even if it is ad nauseam. We can discuss how team X can fit players under the cap, or even how team Y is going to find a way to reach the floor (which is too high). Trades are more interesting because salary has to be taken into account. Money can't just be used in a trade, which makes it more fun.

I'm perfectly happy with the cap and RS.

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