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Originally Posted by Legend Killer View Post
Devils dont get to the finals without Parise.

Nashville doesnt get to the 2nd round without Suter.

Weve heard from our owner how important those playoff games are, those are small market teams you are talking about.

Why didnt Muckler deal Chara?Why didnt Murray deal Volchy at the deadline?? Kuba??
That is a small way to look at it again though. OK so you are a small market team and the playoffs are super important sure, but what happens next year when that player is gone for nothing?

Now you won't be making the playoffs because that player is gone, and you've got nothing to show for it. This is exactly why I think these GMs are a bit too stubborn for their own good. Making some extra postseason scratch is certainly important, but if it comes at the cost of losing your best players and subsequent playoff runs then who cares.

At the end of the day if you can't get your players signed to an extension a year before they expire then you might as well entertain moving them. For example if in two years Jason Spezza isn't signed to an extension before his UFA season I'd expect to see him shopped if they have an doubt he will resign. To lose Ottawa's number one center for absolutely nothing would royally screw this franchise's future.

If a player respects the team/fanbase/ownership at all then they should make it clear they are going to test free agency before their contract expires. Sitting there saying you're "not sure" like Ryan Suter did all year just puts your team in an uncomfortable position. Frankly these star players get paid a ridiculous amount of money by the team's owners so I think they owe them some honesty when it comes time for them to potentially leave.

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