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07-04-2012, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by AEM6729 View Post
As far as Weber (off topic for the thread, but...), how valuable will trading him without a contract be? I understand he's restricted, so whoever gets him will either get to sign him for at least a year or be compensated handsomely via offer sheet, but you'd think we would get the maximum return for him if we traded him to a team he actually wants to play for (as that team would know they have an excellent chance of signing him). If Weber acts like he wants to hit the unrestricted market, doesn't that diminish his value a lot in the eyes of other teams?

And Cooper sucks. He won't ask the hard questions, doesn't get any inside scoop whatsoever...Rosen from NJ and Russo from Minnesota have been my primary Twitter follows through all this. They get way more insight than Cooper.

Hopefully Suter will announce this early in the day so we can all get back to our 4th of July plans. You'd think as soon as he comes to a decision he'd announce it; I'm sure he hates having the media all up in his grill like this.
agreed on the cooper and suter points.

as far as the value of weber, im not a GM so this is just my speculation. but you have the best defenseman in the NHL, that alone will get you quite the haul. weber as a RFA, if traded, would have to negotiate a contract with his new team. so they'd get every shot and then some to sign him long term. as well as a season of the best defenseman in the NHL.

i just keep going back to philly and think a deal could be made. obviously we'd want couturier but if that won't happen, they still have alot young, cheap assets.

couturier + meszaros + 2013 1st round pick

schenn + simmonds + meszaros

voracek + meszaros + 2013 1st round pick + 2014 1st round pick

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