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07-04-2012, 10:59 AM
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What you need to understand, is that we won't be winning anything until ATLEAST one more year... Maybe we'll make the playoffs. But unless we have a 09 .. I don't see us getting through the first round. So let's think developement first. Again i'll come with my bull crap about desharnais to the wing. It'd be simple to keep him on the center, I hear you. But Bergy seems to be on the Gomer side...

If we don't do it, we funk up Eller's developement. (The big center, skilled center we we're looking for since 2000.)
Injury callup -Leblanc -Gallagher -Nattinen.
You could swap Gio and Cole..But I think we'd get a much better production like this. Our two first line might have 6 20+ goals scorer while our third line could produce 3 10-20 goals scorer. I still think Gome$ stinks... but we gotta work with him.. And also I know for a fact that he still has it in him. (Remember that play with Michael Freaking Blunden where he fed him one pass, blunden misses, takes the puck again.. makes the same play to blunden, bam, Goal! Those kinda play says alot. )


For the last pairing, I'd prefer bouillon with one of the three...But we could still bring up Tinordi/Ellis baring a great year in the AHL or even directly at camp... Kaberle/Ellis with weber/Diaz 7th dman would sound good. But Weber/diaz-Tinordi would be better for our developement !

Again we won't be winning anything. Lets develop Tinordi/weber/diaz/Eller.

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