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Originally Posted by Doug Glatt View Post
I honestly cannot think of a single reason why anybody would turn down a chance to play along side Sidney Crosby and form the odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup year after year...
1. PITT got crushed in the playofs this year---stunk defensively and in goal --FLAWS!!!

2. Crosby is one head shot away from Lindros-land...

3. No team with a whiner like Sd is going to win many Cups ...

4. Parise is a 3rd banana in a universe of the big 2 centres (Crosby and Malkin) ---this galled J. Staal into getting out of there as soon as he could...IF parise had any pride I can't see him accepting a kow-tow 3rd status to those two megastars..

5. ON Minny-he would be the numero uno star....IN Chicago he'd be an equal among many top guns up front...IN DET he's have to wait till Datsyuk and Zetterberg are pastured out to the old folks home..
BUT in PITT --the fans would always think of him as a distant 3rd

in the pecking order of their illustrious 2 legit franchise and future HOF'er megagiants of the game...THe shame of basking in the light of the 2 pENS "gods" would be too much to bear..

SO why would any player not want to play with these 2 superstars? BEcause they could only be thought of as an adjunct star but NEVER a superstar themelves...
THAT is fine if you are an equal star among many stars,OR the numero uno star on your team -but it is not fine if you are forever consigned to mere 3rd fiddle status in the unique 1-2 universe that is the Crosby-Malkin circus...

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