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11-30-2003, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
Where do you come up with this? He never stated any such thing. 'Kirk Muller' suggested that if you or Joe Malone believe Habfans are so unable to form their own opinions rather than be complete sheep and follow the media's opinions, that there isn't much point in posting on a Hab forum. It's got nothing to do with your opinions on Rivet, and everything to do with the statements you have made in this thread accusing Hab fans of lacking knowledge.

Better read the thread again, that's not what he said. And yes I do feel that there are a minority of posters here who lack knowledge, don't you?

The only person on this thread who's discounted people's opinions is you.

Wrong again, see above.

A more astute hockey mind? This kind of garbage doesn't belong in the forums. People have differing opinions on a player, and it has nothing to do with their capabilities to guage a player's abilities. That's why one GM in the league can see a player as garbage, waive him, and another team can turn that player into a star.

We're closer than you might like here.

In my opinion that Rivet has played poor hockey this year. And I'll be happy to go through any game and point out the exact plays on why I feel he's played poor hockey. The amount of cross-ice passes Rivet makes; the poor outlet passing; the fact that he watches his man in front of the net rather than plays him physically, these are the most glaring errors in Rivet's game. When he's in this type of slump, he generally tries to do too much. Meaning he'll carry the puck through the neutral zone and try to gain the opposition zone on his own. He's done this a lot on the powerplay (as have a few others), leading to constant turnovers, and Montreal never gaining the offensive zone.
And I believe you're wrong. I also believe that specific problem you think you're seeing with Rivet might be due to the fact that our D usually don't have a lot of options for outlet passes, due to our forwards being unable to gain position or speed in the neutral zone.

Last night for the 1st time this year you might have noticed a change with the D carrying the puck much more often into the neutral zone, and in the case of Brisebois, our best skating defenseman, right to the FLA blueline before dropping to a forward. I hope this is a subtle shift by Julien. Maybe he thinks the system is far enough along to add this tactic. Those of you lucky enough to see all the games can look for this next game.

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