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07-04-2012, 11:24 AM
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It's ignorant posts like yours that I try to ignore but its so hard. ...
That is ignorant as to the standards of your opinion, which is not a statement of fact.
Try harder.

You act like Torts wants to coach this way. No he doesn't. In fact if you could pay attention and do a little reading you'd see that his comments from break-up day indicate he wants more scoring even if it means sacrificing a little bit of the way they play. Not a lot but a little bit. Torts was FORCED to implement that system because he knew we didn't have enough offensive talent to play a more run and gun type of offense. Adding Richards last offseason was just a stepping stone in the PROCESS of building a contender that doesnt just compete for one season but for years. He had to have a more defensive system because the majority of his players were more defensive minded or better on the defensive side of the puck. He played to the team's strengths to compete.
I appreciate your insight. I respectfully disagree as to most of it.
For the record, I am not advocating 'run and gun' offense, I am advocating balance.

It's nice that now that the flaws of his system are exposed for all the world to see, which I remind you I pointed out going back to that Edmonton game which I called early in the year, for which I took a verbal pounding even though I was proven right, NOW he is willing to add offense.
He should have attempted more balance from square 1, IMO.
Yes, it's a process. As a general acknowledgment that team development is like a motion video and not a photograph, I agree.

But he should have implemented a better, more balanced system since day 1.

Pittsburgh tried to play to their strength. So did Philly. Where did they end up?
They lost, and deserved to, because they are not balanced. We do not aspire to copy them, we aspire to be better than them, be like the Yankees of most years, if we imitate anyone, be it the Canadians of old.

One note though. Philly is not chopped liver but they can be handled.
Pittsburgh has enough uber elite talent that they can never be discounted as long as they have Malkin. And Fleury is very inconsistent, but he is also talented. Somewhere on HFB I remember reading someone gushing over certain tests taken. His reflexes, if not phenomenal, are clearly superior. Fortunately for the rest of the NHL, he doesn't always display the skill to control that talent. But when he does, that plus their firepower makes them extremely formidable.

It would be nice if we improved the horses by adding more skill, a sniper. But that is only 1 part of it.

Our system must change IN PART to allow both any sniper we add or have to the increase the scoring from the regular guys as well. We do that, we have a terrific chance of winning, we don't, and more or less we have a repeat of last year, give or take. We might get lucky with that, but we shouldn't and mustn't settle for that.

I say IN PART because again, some of what Torts says is useful. We don't want to throw out the proverbial baby with the proverbial bathwater.

It's frustrating reading posts like yours that attack Tortorella. You guys have all the answers its amazing.

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