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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
You spoke no truth.
Yes I did.

You just pasted BS all over your reply. Thank you captain obvious for letting us know we need scoring forwards. Torts already knew this. Again take a gander at his quotes from break-up day. Torts doesn't have the blinders on. You are too funny. "Change or buh bye." Save it.
Again, coulda shoulda done more since day 1, not just 1 dimensional as he clearly was.

Guy was up for the Jack Adams award. What a terrible coach right? Has a stanley cup on his resume. A Stanley Cup when guys like Vinny L and Richards were very young in their careers. Sounds a lot like the rangers. Hmmm....maybe he knows what he's doing as opposed to some mindless fan who has never coached hockey at any level.
Bottom line is this team must change for the better by ADDING in the opposite area of offense, and not just only focusing on D excessively. Awards he wins or doesn't will not change this fundamental FACT.

And btw the billy martin analogy is bs too.
No was it was entirely apt.

Torts didn't intentionally overwork his defensemen. He had no choice. Bickel wasn't able to keep up. Eminger was still trying to get back into a rhythm after recovering from an injury. I'd rather have a 50% McDonagh and Girardi over a 100% Bickel. They didn't have the depth. That's not Torts' fault.
It's true we didn't have as many guys playing up to the level of our top guys. However, I think more minutes could have been redeployed to other D, especially once we were ahead in games, and that would have made a small but certain benefit to our D, particularly our top D, in keeping them fresher. That is Tort's fault, but it is comparatively small, as it focuses more on time of play and not on the methodology of play.

There is a time and place for shotblocking, diving for the puck, etc.; but go to that well too often, and you see what I'm saying. This year's playoffs again prove my point.

However, my complaint is not limited to our D in isolation. More so it is as to our offense.
Everyone, particularly the Fs we needed to step up and score who were flying on vapor at the end, having been overworked excessively on D throughout the year, clearly had nothing left in the tank
People on this board need to really think before they "share" their opinion.
I agree with you as to: thinking and sharing >>> stupidity and selfishness/isolationism.

Happy 4th, RGY, and everyone else

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