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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
So if Weber and Suter won't sign here long term, what is the solution to getting guys to sign long term? Obviously Pekka did so someone did something right. Obviously someone or something isn't right for Weber and Suter to want to commit long term. I think once that is nailed down then we can proceed but to say it's the players lying, management not doing what they said they were going to do, Poile not doing his due diligence, Trotz not adapting his system more or his way with players, it's anybodies guess. I'm not saying any of those are what the problem is, I'm saying hypothetically, what is the real problem and the source for Pekka signing for 7 years and the other two not wanting to sign long term, something is not right.

Is it their friends, family and agents saying you'd be megastars in other cities? Agents can sometimes be poison because they look at their client as a cash cow and if they can get endorsement deals in bigger cities, that's more money in their pockets too. Not saying that's what's going on too but you just never know.
My husband pointed out that (other than Radulov of course), we seem to have no problem locking up European players (Rinne, Erat).

Maybe it's a North American thing.

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