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07-04-2012, 02:32 PM
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So my beginner program is almost done, we've done our 8 weeks of skating/hockey lessons and we're onto full-on games. Last night was game #2 (of 4) and I think I'm actually seeing some progress.

Game 1, my first shift, the puck gets dumped in behind our net. I'm in position (right wing, I'm covering the man on the point) but I notice that my right side D man is nowhere to be found and there's an opposing player right out in front of our net so I pinch down to cut off that pass. It would have worked out well had I not imminently fallen on my ass. I stumbled back onto my feet only to have them go out from under me just as the guy behind the net made that pass. Opposition scores and I feel like a fool. The rest of the game however was fine, we went on to win 8-4 and I didn't make an ass of myself again. Got a couple touches on the puck and was generally fairly good positionally.

Game 2 was last night, I think I did a much better job. I stayed on my feet most of the game (only toe-picked once at center ice) and actually managed to get a shot (missed the net) and make a couple nice passes to setup scoring chances (sadly they were saved). We won this game as well but it was much closer at 5-4 with our goalie making a fantastic save on a buzzer beater shot.

If anyone is reading this thread and is somehow still on the fence about taking an adult beginner hockey class (or just jumping in and playing) I say do it! Even if you're fat, out of shape, and have never played in your life (thats me!) do it! I've been on the ice in full gear only 10 times now and while my teammates are all FAR more skilled than I am I already feel like I'm making a contribution and am actually PLAYING the game I've loved for so long.

For a bit more substantive discussion, any tips on blocking shots? Last night one of the opposing D-men wound up for a slapper from the blue line and I felt like I was putting myself right in front of him, probably 10 feet from him, to block it but it still whistled right past me and into the back of our net.

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