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07-04-2012, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
to be factual, poti's groin was never shredded. his groin was fully healed when he signed the extension, however, the actual injury and cause for the groin trouble had not been correctly diagnosed yet.

if you hadnt heard, poti fractured his pelvis at somepoint in his career and it was never diagnosed or treated. it healed on its own improperly and the change geometry started to stress that groin muscle. this is why it cant be repaired.

so, yes. his groin muscle was at 100% strenth when he signed the new contract and yes, he was also not healthy. it broke down again as soon as he tried to play more than a couple games in a week.

edit: i dont see a lot of whining and crying about mcphee missing the boat on suter or parise. does that mean that the 13 year contracts and the tandem signing with a non playoff team that is home for one shows that the caps couldnt have signed either of them regardless? thats sort of how it appears to me.
Suter told Lou that he wasn't coming to the east that and the fact that parise told Lou that it was NJ or Minnesota and I feel like there was 0 chance they were coming here so im pretty calm about it myself I more worried about what happens now that those guys are gone what happens with the rest of the players as I feel like now were finally going to see what he's thinking GMGM that is

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