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07-04-2012, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
When you call someone spoiled, you are insulting them.
It certainly is not an insult. It's simply an observation. If so many Wings fans weren't spoiled, we wouldn't have people claiming we are in a total rebuild right now, or that we are entering Dead Wings era 2.0 right now. You only get to the point of saying those things if you are spoiled by success.

The people playing that card are the people who always ridicule people who are unhappy with the direction or moves of the WIngs.
BS, that is a total fabrication. I've only used the term when examples like the above come to the surface. No one is running around calling anyone who criticizes the Wings spoiled.

Instead of calling Red WIngs 2.0 what it is, in inaccurate or stupid comparison, you get to say "Wings fans are spoiled" and paint any and all criticisms are immature or stupid.

So if I call one thing an example of being spoiled, that means I'm saying any and all criticisms are immature or stupid? How could you possibly come to that conclusion? That's nonsensical. And while that's not ok, it's ok to tell someone their comparison is "stupid"? Ok, thanks, Officer Morality.

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