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I've seen (give or take) about 90% of Caps games since Semin joined the team. It's safe to say, I've seen a lot of Semin. He's probably the only player I've said "You freaking idiot, what the heck are you doing?!" and then 3 minutes later say "YESSS! I freaking love you!". There is no question that Semin is a hard player to peg, but these TSN guys really have no idea what they are talking about.
First thing is first: Semin is not lazy. These TSN guys should look in the mirror if they want to call someone lazy. Instead of doing factual analysis on their subject, they base their claims on stereotypes and bias. Pathetic journalism if you ask me.
Moving on to real analysis. Here is what you can expect if Semin is on your team next year:
  • I think his biggest issue is decision making. So many times he gives up a fantastic shot opportunity for a pass. That will be the most frustrating thing about his game. He can create for himself and others, but doesn't necessarily know when it's best to do either.
  • He can pass REALLY well, but sometimes he passes too often.
  • Holy cow, can he dish a great saucer pass. It really is a beauty to behold.
  • It's no secret that he's got an amazing wrist shot (maybe the best in NHL), but his slap shot is incredibly accurate too.
  • Some games he'll take 12 shots, the next he'll take 2. You NEVER know which Semin (shooting or passing) will show up. You just pray and hope it's the Semin that the team needs for that particular game.
  • He is aggressive on the back check. Sometimes TOO aggressive, which leads to...
  • Bad penalties! Semin has a knack for getting slashing, holding, tripping calls right around the blue line on either end of the ice. Semin likes to strip the puck from the D as they try to exit their zone or from the O as they gain entry near the boards. Sometimes he'll take a bad angle, can't keep up or hack a few too many times and get nailed for 2 minutes. Classic Semin penalty.
  • He has great puck control and can create amazing opportunities for himself and his teammates, but...
  • He can and will hold on to the puck far too long, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes because he is trying create when he should just dump it deep.
  • In many ways, Semin is a high risk, high reward player. He'll make a crazy skilled pass that results in a goal. His next shift he'll leave a drop pass to be stolen that everyone saw coming a mile away. IF the pass connects then your team has a great opportunity, but ultimately making the pass was a bad idea. I've seen a lot less of this recently, which makes me sad that he probably won't be a Cap next year.
  • He doesn't like to fight, but did take up drums as a hobby.
  • He isn't as good as you'd expect in the Shoot Out. He has amazing hands, so he can go forehand or back hand (sometimes he even takes a slap shot), but most of the time he comes in at one speed: fast. He doesn't use any sort of delay to give him more time after baiting the goalie. Also, he doesn't bait the goalie as much as you'd expect coming from a guy with hands like Semin's. He comes in fast and goes forehand to backhand or vice versa. If the goalie can keep up and seal off the angle, it's an easy stop.
  • He can speak english, but pretends not to because he does not like being in the spotlight, which means he very hard to "get to know". In other words: he is boring off the ice (from a fan's perspective). I'm sure he's a cool dude if you know him.
  • He is pretty good along the boards, but some games he won't go near them. Another super frustrating aspect of his game.
  • Semin's body has taken a beating these past few years so expect some injuries. Also...
  • Don't expect him to be laying out in front of shots unless it's the playoffs, but he will try to get a stick on it.

There you have it. I did try to keep this as unbiased as possible, but I am a Caps fan, so take it with however many grains of salt you take with your savory info-bits from anons on the internet.

Thought this was a good summary of Semin. There's a lot of misconceptions about him that float around. It might be helpful to some people.

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