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Originally Posted by NvincentYvalentineR View Post
I dunno. From a Rangers fan POV looking at it through leafs eyes, I wouldn't trade Kessel for Stastny straight up. Thats taking it a bit far. Gardiner would be the more likely, although I dunno if I even make that deal if I am the leafs. Stastny has had two very pedestrian years for as much as he is paid.
I never said it would be fair value or that the Leafs should do that.

I just listed the pieces who would be of interest for the Avs.

It is not like we want to trade Stastny to TOR. In fact they are one of the worst trading partners for us.

I would not to Gardiner straight up. Stastny could fetch more than him. If not we should not trade him.

And he really was not as good the last 2 years. But if he were he would be on the level of Kopitar and maybe Getzlaf and therefore not attainable at all.

Part of his decline can be attributed to the revolving door of AHL wingers he was paired with. He should be better this year.

EDIT: Oh and Stepan would not nearly be enough.

I mean everyone wants to trade for Stastny the #1 C. But noone wants to give up value.

And everyone brings up his last 2 years to bring down his value while secretely believing that he can back to his PPG self. I mean look at his career PPG and compare it with other centers. You will be amazed and understand why we don't give him up for bad value.

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