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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
Random thoughts:

Is it just me??? Based on the new FA signings is R. Nash's contract a steal? If this guy can play decent hockey a 7.8 mil contract is looking better and better. Most importantly, the acquirer doesn't have to up the pay for 6 yrs. That might be a steal in today's market?

I'm looking at those that throw out names like sign Doan, or SEmin.
It might help to throw a dollar amount and contract length you believe they would sign for. I suspect that the players might be less interesting once you understand how much it will cost to sign them?

Is the Rangers offer for Nash really a blockbuster? Dubi is in every deal. What else are the Rangers throwing in? Miller and a draft choice? AA and a draft choice? Can someone please? tell me what the Rangers are offering that another team can't match?

Looking at the Parise and Suter contracts maybe Howsen isn't proving to be so dumb by waiting?

What can we offer? We can be a team Nash waives his NTC for. It doesn't have to be a blockbuster deal. In fact, it kind of has to trend towards a steal for us.

Nash is setting the market. Highest bidder is irrelevant unless Nash deems them relevant.

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