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Originally Posted by NvincentYvalentineR View Post
I dunno. From a Rangers fan POV looking at it through leafs eyes, I wouldn't trade Kessel for Stastny straight up. Thats taking it a bit far. Gardiner would be the more likely, although I dunno if I even make that deal if I am the leafs. Stastny has had two very pedestrian years for as much as he is paid.

Curios though... what would it take from the Rangers? And don't say Stepan because he had 2 less than points than Stastny at about 1/8th of the contract.
Originally Posted by Badger Mayhew View Post

Liles for Leafs 1st in 2012 and Aulie

BONUS: After Leafs fans laugh at the proposal, The guy who made it complains about Leafs fans always offering scaps, and cites Stastny proposals as an example
Yup it was a bad trade and I don't know too many Avs fans happy with the return...but Bryan Burke once traded us a 2nd round pick for George Parros, a player we had picked up on waivers 2 weeks prior, so I guess we owed him one.

I have no control over what the GM of my favourite team does, I only call them as I see 'em.

Big congrats on turning Keith Aulie into Crapper Ashton though. That's going to end up looking like Raycroft - Rask Part II in a couple of years.

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