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Originally Posted by artilector View Post
Well, sorry to those who harbored hopes of getting either of those guys, but at least Pens didn't get them. Although if they get Semin... lol.

One other thing -- so normally, I'm in the front ranks of bashing Caps for letting players walk for nothing. But I guess, Parise and Suter.. walked for nothing, eh? The great Lamoriello got a big fat nothing for Parise... .. I just don't understand these NHL GM's. You have a star that's likely to leave, you can get a truckload of assets for him in a trade to cushion or even exceed (long term) his absence, but no, you hold on gambling on him magically changing his mind. It's absurd..
You are completely overlooking the fact that the Devils racked up 14 wins in the playoffs this year. They very nearly won it all.

As a GM, you aren't keeping the player because you hope to sign him later. You certainly might also want to sign him later, but that's not the primary reason you keep him.

You keep him because you play to win the game.

There are no awards for winning the annual Asset Management Derby. There are prizes for winning hockey games, and series, and championships.

Lamoriello kept Parise because while he might lose him for nothing, he might also win a Cup with him in the fold, this year. That is why teams keep pending UFAs. That's why teams trade for pending UFAs. Next year will take care of itself.

This is the same reason why Nashville decided to keep Suter. They thought they had a solid chance to win a Cup. NJ got a lot closer than the Predators in the end. Both felt they were contenders in February.

When you are always getting something for soon-to-be expiring assets, never deviating from that philosophy, you are forever looking ahead to next year, to three years from now, to a five-year plan. Sometimes, you also want to see your GM go for it.

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