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07-04-2012, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Thats so extreme and sensationalistic. Half? Its a big contract but half? Gaborik is gone in two years. Thats Nash's contract. Potential and cheap replacements for Staal and Girardi are knocking on the door now.

Our players are mediocre but they're all going to need superstar contracts. We need elite talent piped in but our supposed also rans will run away in droves because of their bank breaking demands.

Which is it? They can't be mid level talent AND getting huge deals. If they're that good, we don't need help.
Cheap replacements for Girardi and Staal? Are you out of your mind? Staal is already on an absolute steal of a contract, but that won't last long. Mac and DZ are good, but you're talking about replacing 2 top pairing, elite defensive defensemen.

Our players are mediocre? 1 point off of the presidents trophy and the ECF is mediocre apparently.

Rick Nash gets elite money that he doesn't earn. Sure, we could get him, but how much longer is he good for, how many players are we going to not be able to sign because of him, and what are we going to do when we do?

Nash is the type of player a the Rangers from a decade ago would get. I'm really hoping we learned that lesson.

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