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07-04-2012, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
Can you trade a player once they sign an offer sheet? If you can, deal him to the highest bidder in that week you have to decide.
Originally Posted by Vajakki View Post
"It's guaranteed because you can't trade a player for a year after matching an offer sheet"

I was hoping that made it clear

So no, you can't. Untradeable for a year.
You're not answering his question. He's asking if you can trade a player that signs an offer sheet BEFORE you match it. IE: Can you trade just his rights and let the team you traded his rights deal with the offer sheet situation.

I'm not entirely sure if you could or not. I don't think you can because the team who Offer Sheets Weber I believe technically owns his rights as at that point he has signed with a new team, but Nashville has the right to match and then take his rights back.

There have been several Offer sheets made over the years, but never can I recall a situation where the rights to that person were traded before the option to Match.

You are correct that if the team matches they could then also not trade that player.

Because of both of these reasons, I think it's in Poile's (Nashvilles) best interest to trade Weber now before the Offer Sheet has been made if it hasn't already.

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