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07-04-2012, 09:44 PM
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Sony or Apple?


Okay, so I'm a little old and a little out of touch with reality. So here's my story.....

I want a great MP3. I know that everyboyd is going IPOD so I wouldn't mind going that route as well. Yet, I am told that if the sound is important to me, that the Sony Walkman NWZE464KB (89$ Best Buy) is a better product as far as sound quality. But it doesn't have the interface that the Nano has, or all the gadgets that the Touch has. Thing is, do you really need the Touch if you have a Smart phone? My phone is not the IPhone but a Nuvifone Garmin A50 with an intergrated GPS (for the record, I,m not interested in changing my phone). So I'm really looking for the best combo here. Which one should I go for? Don't mind that much the pricing...but I just want the best quality out there and since everybody goes IPOD....Is the IPod Touch really necessary? Any difference in sound between the Touch and Nano? Who's more durable? Is it a pro or a con to have to use ITunes?

I hope my question is clear...feel free to ask more questions if I missed something....


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