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07-04-2012, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozenice View Post
Here's RIMM's balance sheet and demise is far from imminent.

Notice, there's no long term debt ($0.00). Lacking the ability to pay back your loans is really the only reason for going bankrupt because going bankrupt is seeking relief from onerous debt burdens.

RIM is a financially solvent company and that isn't the impression you're giving.


I'm planning to buy one of the RIM Playbook's in the next week or two and I have no concerns about whether RIM stays in business or not and even if they do it doesn't make the Playbook obsolete.

I don't like FUD, (fear, uncertainty and doubt) or companies like Microsoft who used it as a baseball bat to smash smaller companies out of business. It is both bad and wrong.
You're going to buy RIM's Playbook, when it has little to no developer support, is running less than mature software AND when an alternative like the Google Nexus 7 is more affordable at it's entry level price, has superior hardware, a thriving ecosystem and easily better software.

I must really be on the habs forums.

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