Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Minnesota Wild sign Zach Parise (13 yrs, $7.54M cap hit)
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07-04-2012, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by ewoksonhoth View Post
I'm sensing a bit of ********, but trust me it gets better. Trust me, as a Minnesota fan I've dealt with losing a ton of our best players like Brunette, Park, Rolston, Demitra(RIP), and Gabby. It sucks, but it will get better, and the Devils have the strength to compete in the East unlike the Wild who whenever they'd get gutted they'd be useless the next year.

Also this big deal makes our team a playoff team. That was the goal of our management, all they wanted was a playoff berth and to see if they could get the team to make a run. This will do just that. Anything can happen in the playoffs, so we'll just see where it goes.
I'm not ******** at all. I'm pissed he left, but for 98 million he's all yours.

I wanted Parise, the player, back. But I said before FA even started that he's not the kind of player you should committ 13 years to. He'll be fine for a few seasons, but I'm telling you, that's going to be the worst contract in the league soon. He's one of the most agile players in the league and when he's agility takes a hit due to age, his game will be entirely gone.

Originally Posted by jarmoismyhero View Post
You are acting as if NJ is in some position to be a powerhouse for years to come. They went to the finals this year I would not expect that to happen again for a while. If he signed with NJ somehow I doubt you would be dogging him out for his Playoff performance. He went back home to play, got alot of money, and Minn is has a pretty bright future.
There has been a Parise's playoff show/no show debate on our board for practically 3 years.

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